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Mission Statement

To make available to patients and health care providers the highest quality, diagnostic, technologies and communication systems that are available to the health care community. To offer excellent medical care and service to all patients.


We are committed to providing physicians and patients with the appropriate communication and software systems to allow them to access all their health care information from any treatment site. We are committed to developing a unique and innovative organization of outpatient diagnostic centers containing cutting edge communication systems and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, where patients, health-care providers and managed care organizations can be provided with one-stop shopping services for all their diagnostic health care testing.


Chairman, CEO
Virgil Williams, M.D.
CAQ Neuroradiology
Joy Foster, M.D.
Alfred Horowitz, M.D.
Arthur Gronner, M.D.
Jane Williams
Selena Montalvo RT(R)(MR)
Lead Technologist

Kay Lei

Jennifer Ortiz
Patient Coordinator
Jesse Olvera
Lead Patient Coordinator

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Concord, CA 94520-7982


“Good place, good people.”

–Devlyn Martinez

“Both ladies were very friendly, and I might add, quite lovely.”

–Dennis Hull

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